Kevin D
a year ago

Update: dropped times, closer to some Flags cuts.
100 fly seed time 1:09 - swam 1:06 (1:03 flags)

Seed 1:14
Went 1:11
(She says she can go 1.08-9)

50 free 28, didn’t have her best race. (26.29 flags cut)

200 free:
No time
Swam 2:15
Solid pace, she said that what you worked on with her helped pace for that event.

100 free
Seed time 1:03
Went 1:00.25

200 free
Seed time 2:39
Went 2:24

500 free
Seed time 7:34
Went 6:33

50 free
Seed time 32.5
Went 29.6

100 back
Seed time 1:28
Went 1:18

Anyways, not to bombard you. Just something to mull over before our next visit.
Another meet on Sunday at Bolles.
Kids are pumped to shave time and excited to get back to the lab with you.
Noticeable difference since putting in the work with you. Thank you, Steve.

Abby C
a year ago

Evie swam at a meet (her last 12 year old meet!) this weekend, and she wanted me to update you on her time improvements and tell you that the camp helped her so much!

50 free: 27.4 ➡️...... 26.76
100 free: 59.69➡️..... 58.64
50 fly: 33.4➡️....... 30.73
50 breast: 33.04➡️...... 32.75
100 breast: 1:12.69➡️..... 1:11.85!!!

Thanks again to you and Coach Brackin for the fantastic camp!🤩

Ashton W.
a year ago

Dear Coach Jungbluth,
I attended the TPSC Sprint Camp at Kenyon that you coached at in June. I wanted to thank you again for everything you helped me with and corrected me on at camp, I have been improving greatly due to your coaching there. I’ve been paying attention to my freestyle catch in practices and working on my shark-fin hesitation drill! My coach asked me why I was doing the gutter stretch, and I told her it was something Coach Steve taught me to help with my catch. I’ve still been doing it every practice! Last weekend I attended my State Meet and dropped a combined total of 30 seconds over the weekend. I was very happy with my performances because I knew I had been paying attention to my technique and remembering what you had taught us. Thank you so much!

Noelle J
a year ago

That was the BEST 2 hours of coaching they’ve ever received. Thank YOU!! Hope they get to work with you again! 🙌🏽

Abby C
a year ago

We just had our first experience with Swim Tech Gainesville, working with Coach Steve, and highly recommend it! My daughter gained valuable instruction and found the lesson extremely helpful. Coach Steve communicated with her very well throughout the entire session, offering her feedback on strokes and even gave dryland exercises and drills to strengthen those areas. The underwater camera footage is amazing as well. We will definitely be coming back!

a year ago

My son recently had a training session with Coach Steve Jungbluth, and it was an awesome experience! My son was a little nervous going into the session because he didn’t know what to expect and he had never been in an endless pool before. Coach Steve is a great communicator, my son was able to understand what Steve was showing him and now my son can’t wait to get in the pool and work on these corrections. My son said it was very eye opening to see on the screen some of the things he was doing with his stroke that he was totally unaware of. Coach Steve was very positive and motivating with his corrections and directions. Coach Steve was also a good communicator with me before the session and answered my emails promptly. We definitely plan to book future sessions!

a year ago

This place is amazing, very professional, and very patient. The people here will help and guide athletes with their technique exponentially. The coaches are very kind and are always open for questions. Coach Steve , the one I worked with, was one of the best coaches I've had with a ton of experience coaching and helping swimmers. He is also very patient, kind, and very determined to get the best out of athletes. Swim tech is one of the best things about Gainsville.

a year ago

If you are serious about swimming that’s the place to go. My boys 9 and 11 years old are at age when they need work on technique and we could not find better person than coach Steve. Knowledgeable with ton of experience, kind and very patient, just amazing. Seeing progress already with just few sessions.
Highly recommended!!!🏊‍♂️

a year ago

We booked my sons lesson with coach Steve and we kept coming week after week, totally worth the hour drive. My son loves coming , he loves coach Steve , the instruction he gets here is amazing , being able to watch himself back and make those corrections is huge !

a year ago

Great facility and coaching! When I first showed up, I didn't really know what to expect, but Coach Steve exponentially exceeded my expectations. He is very patient, encouraging, and experienced. I have learned more in one or two session than with swimming with a club for a year. The instructions are clear, and the coaches explain theory and techniques in multiple ways, just in case you don't get it the first time. I highly recommend giving Swim Tech a try!!!

Abby C
a year ago

Hi Coach Steve! Just wanted to check in with you and update you on Evie's progress. She recently swam best shorts course times:
50 breast: 33.04
100 breast: 1.12.69
200 breast: 2.41.44
after taking your advice to learn and practice her stroke counts! She is thrilled and excited for her last 11-12 year old FLAGS next week.

She's very excited about the SwimTech Gainesville camp in a couple of weeks! See you then☺️

a year ago

This is from the girl from Central Ohio Aquatics, you told me to demonstrate the four underwater kicks and 6 pulls in freestyle, I would like to say thank you so much I cannot explain how thankful I am, I lost interest in swimming ever since I added on the last meet but after the clinic I felt that I had a chance to swim fast again it’s not easy just turning 13 the point is you inspired me to swim fast again! Now after the clinic I am working hard on my freestyle thanks to you

I believe I demonstrated other things but there was other swimmers but the last drill felt awesome

I really hope you see this

Chris C.
a year ago

200 Meter Free - 2:11.58 > 2:06.68 (-4.90)
200 Meter Back - 2:26.18 > 2:24.55 (-1.63)
1500 Meter Free - 19:44.85 > 18:03.71 (-1:41.14) 😢
100 Meter Free - 1:01.36 > 58.66 (-2.70)

a year ago

Hey Coach I was at the Kenyon sprint camp this year and I wanted to thank you. Because of you I reached my goal of making futures that I have been trying to get for the last 2 seasons. You are one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with!